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Let us handle the small details while you focus on what’s important. Secure Property Management expertly handles all of your rental property needs, from small maintenance and repairs, compliance with municipality taxes and regulations, and every other major property issue. Our services are fast, concise and the best in Florida! Call us today to learn more.

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What to Do If Unitowners Decline to Pay Assessments

Assessments and installments which are not paid when due bear interest at the rate which is provided in the declaration. This rate may not exceed the rate allowed by law. If there is no rate provided in the declaration, interest accrues at eighteen (18) percent per year. If stated in the declaration or bylaws, the association may also charge an administrative late fee . If no fees are stated in the condominium documents a late fee may be assessed, which is the greater amount of twenty five (25) dollars or five (5) percent of each delinquent installment. Any payment received by the association must first be applied to the interest accrued, then to any administrative late fee, then to any costs and reasonable attorneys fees that have incurred during the collection, then finally, the delinquent assessments can be paid off. A late fee is not subject to chapter 687 or s. 718.303(3). When a unit owner leases to a tenant there are new rules that have been implemented. When a unit own

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